The simplest way to launch and run your own online store

Create and manage your own online store by simply using Google Spreadsheets


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Use your existing knowledge on spreadsheets to manage your store! Setup and start selling online quickly! No need to deal with another complicated dashboard.

Choose, build and customize your online store with a premium selection of mobile-capable and Google search friendly e-commerce themes.

Real-time store performance metrics. Use our own default analytics worksheet or create your own charts! You can leverage the power of spreadsheets to create your own insights to your store's performance.

Accept, track and manage customer orders. Start accepting online payments using PayPal or Stripe. From browsing to buying in as little as 3 steps. Your customer's journey through your store will be seamless.

Have Questions?

Here are some things we're commonly asked:

What is Gridmart?

Gridmart is an e-commerce platform powered by Google Spreadsheets. Create and customize your own online store, manage your product catalog, accept and control customer orders, and get insights on your store's performance all within a simple spreadsheet

What's so special about Gridmart compared to the e-commerce platforms?

Simplicity. Gridmart aims to be the fastest and easiest way to launch your very own online store. If you know how to use spreadsheets, Gridmart will be a breeze to use. No need to learn another dashboard or hire a third-party developer to customize your site.

We also guarantee that your customers will also love the speed and simplicity of your store. It literally takes 5 clicks from browsing to accepting payments. The websites you create will also load extremely fast!

So it's fast and easy, but can it do the X feature just like in the Y platform?

Maybe not -- because you (and your customers) probably don't need it :)

In all seriousness, one of the primary reasons we created Gridmart is to cater to entrepreneurs who want to quickly take their sales online but either don't have time to learn "how to setup [insert e-commerce solution here]" or resources to hire someone to set it up for them (looking at you Shopify -

At Gridmart, our mission is to keep things fast and simple for you (store owners) and for your customers. The only way to achieve this is to focus on 2 core experiences:

1. Store Setup and Management

We picked the tool most people know - a spreadsheet and magically turn it into your store admin dashboard. We believe most business apps big and small can be boilded down to a simple spreadsheet and we're putting this theory to the test :)

2. Store Customer Experience

The websites generated by Gridmart are fast, simple and transparent. We studied practices of successful e-commerce stores and combined them to create a seamless buying experience for your customers.

We are constantly improving the platform with more features while also carefully choosing which ones to add in in order eliminate unecessary distractions for both you and your customer's sake.

...but if you feel like we're wrong and you absolutely need X feature, don't hesitate to ping us about it. We would love to work something out for you.

Great! Where do I sign up?

Gridmart is currently in closed beta - which means that we are currently inviting a few users to test things out and give us feedback.

Dont fret though! If you scroll down a little bit and sign up to our mailing list (no spam mail, scout's honor), we will shoot you an email the moment we launch!!

I have more questions!

If you have other inquiries, you can  chat with us using the chat box on this site or at our facebook page.

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